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Post by loony 27th July 2008, 10:46 am

Requirements for new recruits

MFP has an open, streamlined and interactive recruitment process for any interested outsiders.  We do however, take the Clan, Clan assets & intelligence seriously.  Hence, the need for an interactive recruiting process is a must for us.  

A new recruit would expect to go through a number of steps during the recruitment process.  

- Basic completion of the clans 'New Member Application' form.

- - Patricipate in a simple, relaxed Teamspeak interview with a clan Leader(s) or Clan Induction Officer(s).

- If you are successful through this stage, you will become a clan 'Prospect'.  As a 'Prospect', you will initially be given basic full member access to the clan Teamspeak.  This offers you more opportunities  to join MFP clan members, in Teamspeak , whilst enjoying some clan gaming on one of our own clan servers or other frequented servers.  This allows both yourself and MFP clan members and staff to get to know each other, and gives you an opportunity to a get a 'feel' for the clan and whether this is the place for you.  And likewise for us.  There is no time stipulation on how long you must be a 'Prospect', it is simply a means to an end as discussed above.  
This process is not overly lengthy, however a reasonable time is allocated to allow the applicant increased interactions with a broader slice of the MFP membership.
Whilst in the clans Teamspeak , a small ‘P’ icon will be displayed next to your TS name, so that clan members can clearly identify new ‘Prospects’.
‘Prospects’ will not have full clan member access to our Website and Forums.

- If/when this process is completed, and you have successfully been accepted as one of our own, your status of 'Prospect' will be moved to fully fledged MFP 'Recruit'.  This includes full member access to the clan forums, members content and continued member access to the Teamspeak server.

Having an MFP member to list as a sponsor on your initial application, may help streamline the recruitment process, but it is definately not a requirement.

We have our own 'Clan Ranks' we display on the website-forums. We currently have three Clan Leaders.   All vital clan based decisions are inevitably finalised by the Clan Leaders.  However, our Clan Officer and Sergeant Ranks have important, respected and broad input amongst various clan roles and duties.  Including the new applicant induction process.

Our current clan Leaders are SilvabakRev, Loony and Spriggamortis.  

- At this time, we have preference for MFP members to be located in AU/NZ (Australia or New Zealand).   However, although uncommon, we have admitted new clan members from countries further abroad.  These applications are reviewed on a strict case by case basis.

***We also especially 'Target' new members who are located in WA/SA and NT (Western Australia, South Australia and Northern Territory).

Simply copy and paste the below 'application' format, with your relevant information, into a new Post.


Application General Format

Post Subject:  New Member Application - (In-Game Nickname).    Eg.    New Member Application - FloGbaGGus

[First Name]:


[In-Game Callsign]:

[What Country, State and City are you located in]:

[How did you find out about the mfp clan?]:

[Who is your MFP member sponsor/s (if any)]:

[Have you been in any other gaming clans/guilds, if so who and for what games]:

[What PC games are you currently playing on a regular basis]:

[Why did you select to the join MFP clan]:

[Are you prepared to follow the clans membership Code Of Conduct and Forum Usage Policy]:

[Are you prepared/able to join in using the clans Teamspeak channel for in game usage]:


An example of a new Member Application is posted within the 'Recruiting Applications Office' as a reference.

Our current Clan Recruitment Officer is SilvabakRev
Our current Clan Induction Officers are Loony, Spriggamortis, LrdAnubis, Sickboy

SilvabakRev (Clan Leader & Admin)

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Post by Spriggamortis 21st September 2014, 12:03 am

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