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New Member Application [Declined]

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New Member Application [Declined] Empty New Member Application [Declined]

Post by UtopianMatt on 4th August 2013, 6:01 am

New Member Application - UtopianMatt

[First Name]: Matthew

[Age]: 15

[In-Game Callsign]: UtopianMatt

[What State (Country) are you located in]: New York State , United States of America

[Who is your MFP member sponsor/s (if any)]: Steely

[Have you been in any other gaming clans/guilds, if so who and for what games]: Yes, UTFO , Battlefield 3

[Why did you select to join the MFP clan]: I wanted to find a not a group but a Family for gaming , a a group that will support me so, I cant support it back

[Are you prepared to follow the clans membership Code Of Conduct and Forum Usage Policy]: Yes

[Are you prepared/able to join in using the clans Teamspeak channel for in game usage]: Yes

Cheers from Cherno and Salutations from Stary

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New Member Application [Declined] Empty Re: New Member Application [Declined]

Post by Silvabakrev on 4th August 2013, 8:57 pm

Hello Matt, your application has been discussed and at this time we have decided to continue with our membership remaining as an AU/NZ group. Thanks for taking time to apply, however unfortunately at this time your application is declined.

Please feel free to continue to participate in our guest forum topics and feel free to utilise our TeamSpeak 'PUBLIC' Thunderdome TS channels when playing on our Thunderdome server.

New Member Application [Declined] Oa7z
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