Old FURY ROAD Traders Market [LOCKED - To be revisited]

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Old FURY ROAD Traders Market [LOCKED - To be revisited]

Post by Silvabakrev on 22nd February 2014, 3:06 pm

FURY ROAD Traders Market

To Quote Mad Max 3, Barter Town scene:
"People come here to trade, make a little profit, do a little business, If you've nothing to trade, you've no business here".
"I got skills I can trade". "Sorry, the brothel's full."


Have something you want, need or desire, post here what it is and offer what you have to give in return. Then be prepared to negotiate... Don't have much, well everyone needs planks, lots and lots of planks! save some up to trade for some higher tech gear, or just some handy early upgrades like large storage boxes or large med kits etc...

Have something to offer and fishing to see what other traders can give you for it, post it here.

You sort your own trading deal out! Get double crossed then don't complain here, we don't deal with trade disputes here!Take your disputes to the Arena or elsewhere!

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