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Post by Silvabakrev on 23rd May 2015, 2:34 am

For info we have a second Rust server up and running:


Slight expansion on the rust front with a server location tag on the server name... just experimenting really Smile

Will be making relevant sub-topics on our new website shortly for further discussions etc...
This is a PERTH hosted location via our current Rust host streamline, is currently at a 100 population cap.
Mikonos Map selected World size 3333:
Will have an Admin built Thunderdome-Battle area built some time soon?...

Our SECTOR 26 | Sydney | server will continue on as normal. Will be reviewing our Admins setup so we have Primary Admins for each server, other than myself Admins will likely only be an admin for a single server so they can play as normal on the alternative, if that makes sense. I may be seeking a couple Sydney/Adelaide/East Coast Rust Admins vsoon... (As our current 3 Rust Admins are Perthites).

At this stage the servers will share our basic rule sets etc...


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