New Member Application - Spriggamortis (Note: Example Only)

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New Member Application - Spriggamortis (Note: Example Only)

Post by Spriggamortis on 4th December 2008, 8:29 pm

New Member Application - Spriggamortis

[First Name]: Paul

[Age]: 40

[In-Game Callsign]: Spriggamortis

[What Country, State and City are you located in]: Oz, Western Australia, Perth

[How did you find out about the mfp clan?]: Google

[Who is your mfp member sponsor/s (if any)]: SilvabakRev

[Have you been in any other gaming clans/guilds, if so who and for what games]: No

[What PC games are you currently playing on a regular basis]: DayZ-SA and RUST

[Why did you select to join the mfp clan]: Enjoy playing with the clan and their online ethics.

[Are you prepared to follow the clans membership Code Of Conduct and Forum Usage Policy]: Yes

[Are you prepared/able to join in using the clans Teamspeak channel for in game usage]: Yes

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Lieutenant Colonel

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